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Desna Tural. Italian. Visual Designer. Illustrator. Berlin based.

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During high school I studied ancient Greek and Latin — because of my parents — , after I attended Chinese and Japanese arts, cultures and languages classes in Bologna for 2 years — as I wanted to get into cultures far away from mine, so it could be my parents fault all over again — and finally I attended the Palladio Institute of Design in Verona and got a degree as a Visual Designer in September 2013. During October 2014 I attended a short intensive Master in Illustration&Communication in Vicenza, and after it I've decided to focus my career on illustration.
I moved to UK where I worked as a graphic designer and after 2 years of deficiency of vitamin D I've decided to move to Berlin because vitamin D deficiency is the new trend. I have been living here and working as a full time visual designer/art director since 2016, with regular skin check-ups.
FOR I’m sorry you’ve really nothing better to do this morning PEOPLE

Most of people know me as Desna Tural but my real name is Elena Leone. When I started using this alterego - a completely invented one, no deeper meanings, no clues, no personal heroes or favourite goddess of the Indian pantheon - I thought it was very cool but I was just a 17-year-old girl living in Malo, Italy, a nobody-knows town where nobody said it was weird - and that to have an nom de guerre was awkward. 
So, call me whatever you you'd like to*, just be sure you have typed the right phone number.

*please mind that “Leone” means “lion” and I had an unhappy childhood because of this.
I know, it’s not the worst species in the whole animal kingdom but children’s imagination and rhyming skills might surprise you

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