So far this is the project I'm most proud of, my first illustration serie. Let me share with you:  

selected project for "Gea: it's a women's world" exhibition 
organized by Mostrami-art in Milan (Italy), in October 2015;

also exhibited at Cinema Pasubio in Schio, Vicenza (Italy), during the 
International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women's event, on the 25th of November 2015  

I recommend you to read the book Theogony, written by Hesiod: all my project is based on the first part of this amazing poem, which concerns the origins of the world (cosmogony) and of the gods (theogony), beginning with Chaos, Gaia and Uranus.

"First came Chaos, and then Gaia"
"Gaia bore the starry Heaven and the large Mountains"
"Gaia bore goddess Nymphs who dwell up along the mountain glens"
"Gaia bore the undraining Sea and its furious swell, without love"
"Gaia bore first of all, one equal to herself, starry Uranus"
"So that he should cover her all about, to be a secure seat for ever for the blessed gods"
"And great Uranus came, bringing the night and, desirous of love, he spread himself over Gaia,
stretched out in every direction"
printed on Fine Art Hahnemuhle German Etching 310 gr , 29.7x42cm

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